Due Dates

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Citizens and property owners in the City of Norton should be aware of the following important dates:
  • January 15th – State Estimated Taxes Voucher 4 due (previous year)
  • January 31st – Dog and cat tags due
  • March 1st – Business licenses due
  • May 1st – State income tax due, state Estimated Voucher 1 due
  • May 15th – First half of real estate tax due
  • June 15th – State Estimated Voucher 2 due
  • September 15th – State Estimated Voucher 3 due
  • October 15th – Second half of real estate and personal property tax due

Water / Sewer Bill Due Dates

In addition to the above dates, water / sewer bills are due the 15th day of each month unless that day falls on either a weekend or holiday. In those cases, the bill will be due by the end of the next business day.

To avoid late penalties, all payments must be received in the office by the end of the business day of the date due. Any payments placed in the after-hours drop box after that time will be processed the next business day and considered a late payment.

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If you have questions concerning local taxes, due dates, or payments please call (276) 679-7246 for additional information.