This division operates two rear-loading dumpster trucks, one leaf vacuum and one knuckle boom clam shell for large items. We provide residential and small business collection once a week and provide daily dumpster service to businesses

We also:
  • Pick up normal residential/routine brush and bulk items placed at the street. For items that are estimated to be more than a pick-up load, a Work Order and small fee will be required for pick-up and disposal.
  • Offer a Rent-A-Truck Program.
  • Clean up after special events.
  • Free Pickup held annually in April.
  • Pick-up Recycling from City's two recycling centers.
Sanitation Facts
Number of Residential Customers - 1,580
Number of Commercial Curbside Customers - 117
Number of Business Dumpster Service Customers - 142
Average Monthly Tons of Garbage Disposed Each Month - 485.93
Tons of Recycling Collected Annually - 19.17 (2010)