Commissioner of Revenue

Welcome to the website of the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office for the City of Norton. The Commissioner of the Revenue is elected by the citizens of the City and serves a four-year term at the pleasure of the voters.
  • The Commissioner of the Revenue is the chief assessing officer of the local government and is regulated by the State Code of Virginia.
  • The office is responsible for fairly and equitably identifying and assessing all sources of revenue to which the City is entitled according to the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the City of Norton
  • Taxpayers are provided with accurate and useful information concerning all revenue assessments.
  • The Commissioner of the Revenue is responsible for diligent and careful maintenance of records in Real Estate, Personal Property, State Income Tax and Business License Tax.
  • The office offers friendly, fair, and efficient service to our citizens and we strive to improve our procedures to best benefit taxpayers.
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