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A “cross connection” is an unprotected actual or potential piping or plumbing arrangement between a customer's piping system and the public water system through which a substance other than potable water could flow back into the public system.
In 2010 the Cross Connection Control & Backflow prevention program was approved by the Virginia Department of Health Office of Drinking Water and adopted by the City of Norton. Under the program the City of Norton is required by the Virginia Department of Health Office of Drinking water to to ensure the proper backflow prevention device(s) are in place to protect the water supply of contamination. Our first step in implementing the Cross Connection Control Program is to survey our customers. Your cooperation is needed in order to reduce the chance of contaminating our water system. You are asked to complete and return the survey form within 30 days.
If further information is needed please contact: Andrew Greear by phone: 679-1205, by email: or Winfred Collins by phone: 679-1160.

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